Past, Present and Future 
of Global golf Partners

Through GGP token and AI technology, upgraded hobbies and easy asset management are possible. 

Personal information and assets are safely stored through GGP's unique blockchain technology.




The goal of GGP is to allow people to enjoy golf, which is a hobby of many, more conveniently and comfortably, to manage assets with the help of AI, and to use the service with confidence by safely storing all this important information in the blockchain. Based on individual’s taste and the golf course situation provided in real-time, AI determines and offers customized services to customers, making golf a more enjoyable lifestyle. Furthermore, generating profits with GGP tokens will be feasible, with AI also involved to work with asset management.



Path of Global Gold Partners

2021. 08

Establish GlobalgolfPartners

Organize GGP Development Team 
Organize Golf Payment Planning Tea

2021. 09

Develop & Publish GGP Testnet 

Create Company website and platform

Allocation details

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