More advanced blockchain technology is right before your eyes.

We provide upgraded services through AI and blockchain technology, with all data encrypted and safely stored in the block chain.

Global Golf Partners’s AI 

In GGP’s new and outstanding blockchain environment, secure data protection is provided to both affiliated companies and platform users without leakage of personal information. You are able to imagine and experience a new golf lifestyle by achieving the convenience through GGP’s AI system. 

Advanced AI system

GGP is an BEP-20 based token, which does not only have value but also have high utilization due to activated ecosystem, and able to generate higher profits according to demand. And Demand is expected to increase with the token reward system . Also, all services provided within the platform are supported by AI, making it easy to visually check and manage assets. 

Encrypted Data via advanced Blockchain 

All data stored in server, such as member information, reservation information, transaction history, company information, etc., are encrypted and stored in blockchain safely through the GGP’s outstanding technology, and can be used with confidence. 

Autono Digital Software

Independently developed by GGP, AI provides a more convenience environment for service users by quickly proposing decision-making on real-time information on the golf course and accurate judgement on the situation. 


Combination of AI & Blockchain 

AI makes offers customized services to customers by making decision based on the information stored in the block chain and the environment of golf course provided in real-time. 

Provision of Real-time Information

To allow service users to better enjoy golf, AI provides quick suggestion by checking the surrounding environment real-time, such as status of the hole, the number of users at golf course, and the weather in the area, etc.